About Us

Mission Statement

The Florida Association of Plumbing-Gas-Mechanical Inspectors, Inc., is a professional organization made up of Inspectors, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers, Manufacturer Representatives, and other professional Organizations such as UL, NSF, CDA and others.

Since this Association was chartered in 1966, the Florida Association of Plumbing – Gas-Mechanical Inspectors, Inc., has been dedicated to the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizenry of Florida.

Purpose of FAPGMI

  • To provide maximum safety to life, health and property through education and training of our entire membership.

  • To strive for better working conditions and closer cooperation between inspectors and contractors.

  • To work toward the adoption and enforcement of State Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Codes.

  • To assist any and all State, County and Local Health Departments and Agencies in any manner to provide better sanitary and safety laws and measures that are recognized as essential to the Health, Safety and Welfare to all citizens of this State. To encourage the use of materials and methods for accomplishment to this end.

  • To establish an Awards Committee to recognize and honor members of this Association that contribute significantly to the advancement and betterment of this Association.

  • TRUTH and HONESTY shall be the foundation of all of our relations. Loyalty to the Association must be maintained and we shall always offer assistance to the general public and fellow members. In the performance of our obligation and duties as members we shall be justly proud of our efforts.